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Another Reason I No Longer Get Sick

Back in October, I shared my 8 Tips For Avoiding Sickness. Then in January, I narrowed it down to what I felt were the three most important in the post Fighting Sickness Ninja Style. After years of getting colds, … [continue reading]

The Media Discovers Brown Fat

I want to thank Mike D and The TailGunner for sending me links to the recent brown fat stories. Looks like my cold weather exposure project, which I called No Jacket Required, has some medical merit. First lets review … [continue reading]

Still No Jacket Required

It appears that winter is over, so I’m ready to file my report on project No Jacket Required. To bring the new readers up to speed, this past winter I tested aggressive cold weather exposure on myself. From that … [continue reading]

Google Thinks Queen Anne is in Las Vegas

I solved a mystery this week that has been puzzling me for a while.

Before heading outside, I would jump onto Google and type “weather 98109”. 98109 is the zip code for the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. As the … [continue reading]

No Jacket Required

Last April in the post Shivering My Way to Leanness, I discussed how I was inspired by evolutionary fitness guru Arthur De Vany to try cold weather exposure. In a nutshell, throughout thousands of years of human history, it … [continue reading]