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Never Forget that Size is the Prize

Gather around my fellow ectomorphs. I have something to say about weight training. My belief is that our goals got mixed up when we started following the bad advice of genetically gifted mesomorphic fitness trainers. We forgot why we started [continue reading]

Reps, Sets and the Weight Aren’t That Important

When I first started lifting weights in 1994, I read the muscle magazines which endlessly repeated the golden rule of bodybuilding, which was to do 3 sets of 8-12 reps with a wide variety of exercises. A typical workout would … [continue reading]

When I Would Measure My Workouts

In the post Why I Don’t Measure My Workouts, I explained why I no longer keep data for my workouts. Just because I have my reasons for not tracking workouts, that isn’t a blanket recommendation for everyone. Although I … [continue reading]

Is High Intensity Training Best for Ectomorphs?

Since December 2010, I have been a huge fan of High-Intensity Training. I’m in the best shape of my life and unlike my free weight days, I never get injured anymore. In other words, everything is going great.

A few … [continue reading]

Why I Don’t Measure My Workouts

One of the core principles of high-intensity training and many other fitness programs is to record your workouts. I remember reading years ago that strength coach Charles Poliquin wants to see at least 6 months of workout data before he … [continue reading]

My First REAL HIT Injury

In May I was certain that I got injured during a High Intensity Workout, but it turned out to be nothing. However, there is no mistake that I messed up my back yesterday. When I get back pain, I now … [continue reading]