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My 10 Gym Tips For 2010

It just pains me to see well intentioned people enter the gym just after the New Year and make the same mistakes year after year. Some last a month or two. Most will fail and sadly, most will blame themselves … [continue reading]

Weight Lifting Wisdom For the Tall Lanky Guy

Today T-Whatever released a new article titled How Tall Guys Get Jacked by Jimmy Smith. The article is full of tips to help us ectomorphs lift more weight in the gym. Some of the better tips include:

  1. “Keep the damn
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The Two Types of Muscle Growth

There have been several posts where I rail against high-repetition weight training, especially for women. When I tell people who¬†are fearful of bulking up that they should lift heavier weights for few reps they look at me like I’m … [continue reading]

Maximum Muscle – The Science of Intelligent Physique Development

This past summer T-Nation (oops, now it is T Muscle) made some radical claims about creating the most amazing muscle-building strategy ever. They called it “I, Bodybuilder“. When I saw it, I just shook my head. It was … [continue reading]

The Best Kind of Glitter is Free Glitter

Today I wrapped up a two week free trial gym membership in a downtown Seattle gym. This gym has some great equipment, but I’ve never seen a place that does a worse job racking the weights. Weights thrown on the … [continue reading]

Good Day at the Gym

I set some new personal records today at the gym. My bodyweight (BW) today is 189.

  • Weighted Dip = 3 x BW+70 , 1 x BW + 80
  • Weighted Pull-Ups = 3 x BW + 60, 2 x BW +
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