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Half the Ideas in this Blog Are Probably Wrong

I just finished reading The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature by Matt Ridley. It is an excellent book on the economics of sex from a genetic point of view. I’m not going to review the book, … [continue reading]

High Intensity Exercise is the Espresso of Weight Training

When it comes to coffee, my favorite drink for years has been espresso. No milk, no sugar. To me and others, espresso represents coffee at its ultimate potential. When I’m hosting an event for the Coffee Club of Seattle[continue reading]

Strength and Fitness For a Lifetime

Last week Fred Fornicola from Premiere Personal Fitness sent me a copy of his e-book Strength and Fitness For a Lifetime – How We Train to review.

Strength and Fitness For a Lifetime is a collection of older fitness enthusiasts … [continue reading]

Four New Books That I Can’t Wait To Read

Usually, I don’t mind waiting a few months or years to get my hands on a library copy of a book. Not right now though. Here are four books that either just came out or will be coming out before … [continue reading]

Where the Paleo Message is Failing

For the past two years I have done numerous posts on nutritional topics. I’ve documented and shared the huge improvements in my health that I’ve had once I adopted a lower-carbohydrate and more paleo diet. During the real estate and … [continue reading]

The Fitness Finance Analogy Updated

Over the past 15 years I’ve been known to say something like this:

Weight training is like a 401k. You don’t see the results right away, but over time they add up. Cardio is like a weekly paycheck. When the

[continue reading]