Why must downtown living be so loud? I miss the peace and quiet of the exburb of the San Pasqual Valley. While I’ve gotten used to the sound of the train and street cleaner, there are some sounds that annoy me daily.

1-Cars with Loud Stereos
2-Car Alarms
3-Some Motorcycles

Today I came up with a solution in the spirit of the red light cameras. Throughout the city we set up audio cameras which measure the decibel level coming from a car. If the decibel level is high enough, the camera snaps a photo of the license plate and the person is sent a fine in the mail.

Of course a single offense wouldn’t cause a fine, but a pattern of offenses would. There would a higher daytime decibel allowance and a lower nighttime one. Overtime life would get quieter.

Are you with me? Or should I move back to the sticks?

On a side note, I ask this question on occasion: If the DC snipers had only shot punks with booming car stereos would they still be considered terrorists or would they be heroes? You can guess where I stand.

Legacy Comments


When we lived in Sherman Heights we’d get people on their way to get on the 163 or the 94 with their BUMPING WINDOW RATTLING BASS on their idiotmobiles. It’s a friggin residential area, chill out with the 50-Cent treatment!!

I totally wanted to employ some sort of powerful electromagnetic device to screw with their stupid speakers rattling the creaky house and freaking us and the cat out!


The extreme volume is what makes me think of the DC snipers. They wouldn’t even hear shots.


We get em by the house once in a while too… not often, thankfully. It’s just a part of city living these days…. blame the car stereo manufacturers.


sounds like you described my apartment complex. being up in chester, paradise, and galt was like being on another planet of quietness during my road trip…