Nutritional Persuasion

For years, I’ve thought about a topic: How do our beliefs about nutrition take shape, particularly in a field rife with conflicting viewpoints? Over time, I’ve fallen for various nutritional ideas—perhaps I still am. How can we discover the truth … [continue reading]

Food Prep is the Key to Being Lean

Recently, I was giving the potato hack pitch to someone interested in losing weight. Like most of the times I’ve had this conversation, I could tell my advice would not be followed. Concepts such as food volume, satiety, and how … [continue reading]

New Gym, Old Mistakes

My little independent gym closed two months ago. I had been a gym member for 9 of its 13 years. It wasn’t fancy, but it was convenient. I could walk across the street and be there. And it rarely got … [continue reading]

Dieting, Seed Oils, Microplastics

There are endless debates on how to lose weight. I’m bored of them because people have lost weight using numerous diets: low-fat, low-carb, vegan, keto, fasting, and even a Twinkie Diet. It is the wrong area of focus. … [continue reading]

The Appetite of Exercise

A topic that I’ve been fascinated with for more than a decade is the role exercise has on appetite. Going back over a decade, I have several posts on my views of exercising while dieting. The short version is that … [continue reading]

Are Glitter Gyms No Longer Glitter?

Just a month ago I dusted off my old Tales From the Glitter Gym series after a 13-year hiatus. I followed it up by explaining the term “Glitter Gym”. Then something happened.

My mini-gym Fitness 19 closed. They transferred … [continue reading]