Meet My Neighbors

My apartment windows face a meeting place for recovering alcoholics. I’ve noticed that alcoholics for the most part look just like everyone else. The one thing that most alcoholics have in common is they smoke. They smoke a lot. As a result many of those going to the building spend most of their time outside smoking in the parking lot.

Some people watch birds, I can’t help but watch them. There are three neighbors that I’ve given pet nicknames. Let me introduce you.

Pepsi Peg Leg – There is a one-legged guy who¬†sits in a wheelchair chair smoking. He is dressed like a Vietnam Veteran circa 1976. Judging by his age, I don’t think he is old enough to have served in that war. Everyday he spends a few hours smoking and drinking from a HUGE Pepsi cup.

Gary Busey With a Mullet – Imagine if Gary Busey was about 40 and had short feathered mullet. Perhaps sobriety isn’t working for this guy. If this were 1985, he would be the coolest guy in New Jersey.

Pregnant Kevin Smith – Imagine a Silent Bob that was lean except for a distended belly which makes him look 6 months pregnant. Now add a camouflage kilt.

If I had a better camera and the word anonymous didn’t appear on their sign, I’d take photos.

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  1. I appreciate both the descriptions and the discretion!

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