Last Friday I thought about a girl I met almost ten years ago. She was from a wealthy Cuban family from Florida and was attending Harvard Medical School. Although she had never been to Cuba, both her parents and grandparents came from there. She told me how her family-owned land and a business back on the island.

She also told me how when Fidel died, they would return to claim their land and business.

Having no knowledge of the Cuban exile situation, I asked her what she thought the people of Cuba that didn’t escape would do when her family returned for their assets. She looked confused and said that they would be happy to be reunited with their relatives that went to Florida. I clarified my question and asked her how these Cubans would feel to see the land and business that they kept running since 1959 handed back over to a wealthy “American” family.

She seemed to think it wouldn’t be a problem. I recall not agreeing with her.