Photo Stitch of Kerry Park View Tonight

A friend of mine emailed me a link to some free software called HUGIN that connects multiple photos into a single panoramic image. When evening arrived, I decided to test it out. I’m using a Canon PowerShot SD 800 IS. My tripod is (sadly) 3 stacked business cards.




My first stitch attempt used 5 images. There is blurring on the left and darkness on the right.


Then I made a version using just the center 3 images. Somehow the sun got brighter. In this version, you can see people at the playground which is the bottom right of the image.


I plan to make more panoramic shots this year. Who knows, I may even splurge and spend $15 on a tripod. 🙂

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  1. Sweet. Our old digital camera use to do that in-frame, actually. Take one picture and it would display the a small portion of it in the view window so that you could line it up with another picture.

    Sadly our new one doesn’t – so I’m excited about the app.

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