Blueberry Picking East of Seattle

If you head east of Seattle this time of the year, you will find many places that have a U-Pick-Em blueberry program. They hand you a bucket and you make your way out onto the farm to pick your own blueberries. When you are finished, they weight the blueberries and then charge you around $1.50 a pound.

I love blueberries, so last week I headed East to get my bounty.


Marketman said he picked over 20 pounds of blueberries. I only got about 8 pounds and I had help. The night after picking blueberries, I had a dream where I kept picking more blueberries. If you have space in your freezer, seek out a blueberry farm and start picking.


My tip is to avoid the Mercer Slough Blueberry Farm. It is over picked at this point. If any of my fellow Seattle blueberry pickers are out there, post in the comments which farms you liked.


Add yours

  1. I would love to go the midget farm and pick some berries. I believe it is very close to Portland. The farm is featured in the tv show “all the small things” with the little family (in stature not members).

  2. I know a few awesome places but I dont dare post them on this blog for fear that word will get out and I’ll miss my 200 pound quota before the season ends. But I will say that yes, you should avoid any Blueberry farms with a Bellevue address.

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