Seattle Pig – Get Well Soon

Yesterday morning a taxi ran into Rachel the bronze pig at Pike Market. From MSNBC’s Taxi crashes into Pike Place Market pig statue (link now gone):

A taxi driver hit the gas when he was rear-ended nearby early Saturday and plowed into Rachel the Pig, a 550-pound, bronze piggy bank that has stood outside the market’s famous fish-throwing stand since 1986.

The crash knocked the pig off her concrete base, which will have to be repaired. Market officials say it will probably take a few days. The statue itself was also scratched up a bit.

Today I stopped by and saw this “get well soon” roadside. Someone even set down flowers. I love this city.


Here is photo of me with Rachel the Pig from 2008.


Happier Times …for the pig 😉


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  1. why “happier times”?

    I have never been there…yet,

    did you pick up any good paleo food on your visit there today?

    btw, as I have been catching up on your blog, I find so much I agree with you on, such as “burnt bean coffee”, people think I am crazy when I tell them that is why I dont like the flavor of Starbucks.

  2. @Sheila – Happier times for the pig, not me. 🙂 I’ll update the post to be more clear.

    I packed a paleo meatloaf with me. Grass fed beef + sliced beef liver.

    Starbucks roasts too fast to allow the coffee to realize it’s true potential. I toured their pilot roaster last year. They are roasting between 9 and 12 minutes at that level of darkness. That is fast. My home roasted coffee is much lighter and takes 14 minutes.

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