Podcasts I Listen To (2012)

Biohacks recently posted Podcasts I listen to. I thought it was a good idea for a post, so I’m going to list my favorites. I dated this post so I can update my list each year. I’m always mixing up the shows I listen to. Here are my top 10 podcasts in order.

  1. EconTalk  (economics)
  2. Bulletproof Executive Radio (health)
  3. NPR Planet Money (finance)
  4. Revolution Health Radio (health)
  5. Adam Carolla Show  (comedy)
  6. Freakonomics Radio (economics)
  7. The Market Ticker (finance)
  8. House of Reggae (music)
  9. Underground Wellness (health)
  10. Accidental Creative (productivity)

All these are available on iTunes.

I used to listen to more health podcasts, but once the content gets too repetitive, I move onto other shows. What are your some of your favorite podcasts?


Add yours

  1. Iron Radio
    Super Human Radio

  2. Glad you found that helpful.

    I am also slowly moving away from the health-related podcasts despite my list being quite health-focused.
    I am not suffering from any auto-immune disease, not obese, not emotionally unstable, hence much of the information on the health podcasts is just too detailed for me and clogs up my brain with too much information.

    At the moment, I am leaning more towards sports performance-oriented podcasts like Kiefer’s “Biojacked Radio” or Bret Contreras’ “Strength of Evidence Podcast”.

    But Bulletproof Executive Radio isn’t going anywhere – it’s awesome!

    Just because I am curious: have you thought about doing a podcast of your own at some point?

  3. @Stephan – I have no interest in doing a podcast. My interests are too scattered. Actually, I’m searching for my next interest now.

  4. I still love Robb Wolf’s podcast. Tuesday’s always the worst day of the week for me, but Robb and Greg make me laugh and there’s good information in it.


  6. I’m not sure I find Adam Carolla funny (at all), and I’m not sure Joe Rogan is that good on stage, but The Joe Rogan Experience is great.
    The episode featuring Victor Conte was about as informative and funny as you can get.

  7. NPR’s Car Talk
    Underground Wellness
    Revolution Health Radio
    America’s Test Kitchen Radio

    I’ve tried to get into Robb Wolf, but there’s something about his voice that I can’t stand. Maybe his accent? His enunciation?

  8. @Dez – I like Carolla because he is a great story teller. Rarely ha-ha funny, but the way he constructs monologues is quite skillful.

    I listen to the Rogan episode with Dave Asprey. I’ll listen tot he Conte show next. Thanks for the tip.

    @Brian – I actually like Robb’s voice. I listened to the first 150 episodes or so. I got tired of the questions they picked to read. Although I enjoyed how Robb helped those with true health issues, the other half were from neurotic Crossfitters that exercise 10 hours a week, eat a perfect diet and are stumped why their progress has failed. I found myself yelling REST and CHILL too often.

  9. Listen to regularly:

    -Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor (my new favorite health podcast)
    -Penn’s Sunday School
    -The Paleo Solution (aka Robb Wolf)
    -Bulletproof Executive

    Listen periodically depending on guest/topic:

    -Adam Carolla
    -The Joe Rogan Experience
    -Shrink Rap Radio
    -WTF with Marc Maron
    -Revolution Health Radio

  10. I’ve added “Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor” to my rotation. I like what I hear so far.

  11. The Survival Podcast

  12. Michael,
    I’m really enjoying the “Fat Burning Man” podcast by Abel James. His recent episode with Paul Jaminet was the best interview with him that I’ve heard. The production quality is excellent making it a pleasure to listen to, and he plays his own theme music as well!

  13. @Dan – That was a good show. I do listen to some Fat Burning Man episodes, just not all of them.

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