3 Ways to Save Money at Jiffy Lube

I get my oil changed at Jiffy Lube. I probably could learn how to do it myself, but I’d rather pay them to do it. It is what they do best.

Today, I spent a good amount of time in the lobby and got a few ideas on how the people waiting with me could have saved money.

#1 Online Coupon

Pull out your smartphone and go to Jiffy Lube’s website. Find the coupon. That is an easy $5 or more off your ticket.

#2 Watch 1 YouTube Video Before You Go

If you don’t know how to change your cabin air filter, head over to YouTube and find a video demonstrating how to do it for your car model. In many cars, this is one of the easiest things you can do yourself. Filters on Amazon are around $10. Jiffy Lube will take care of it for about $30.

I’ve replaced my own cabin air filter twice now.

#3 Get Your Oil Changed Less Often

For years, I fell for every 5,000-mile rule. Turns out that is way too much. For my car, my research told me every 10,000 miles was perfect. Do your own research. Your car will have its own ideal recommendations, which are likely longer than 5,000 miles.

In the Lobby

I always share tip #1 with the people in the lobby. I recall one time there was a $20 coupon online. That fellow customer was happy to get the savings. So if you find yourself in the Jiffy Lube lobby, let others know about the coupon.

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  1. Most modern cars have an “oil life” counter, based on mileage, RPM, and other factors. Seems to work pretty well, and is NOT every 3k, 5k, or 3 months.

    Re: changing your own oil, I have the lifts and always mean to do it, but never get around to it, and so the quick lube gets my $30 or so. As long as I can have it done in 30 mins or so, it’s worth my time, but if one minor thing goes wrong I’m skinning my knuckles, swearing, and losing money/time on the deal.

  2. Re: oil change.
    It’s also inconvenient to dispose of the old oil. I think you have to bring it to a recycling center?

  3. Jum – at least around me (southern New England), most places that sell oil accept old oil for recycling.

    I have a drain pan that has a collection chamber and pour spout. But again, introduces another time intensive step to collect, put into acceptable container, return, and deal with inevitable mess.

    Someday perhaps I’ll own a furnace or boiler with a burner that can handle waste oil. Big investment, though.

  4. Not necessarily JL, but other quick service mechanics always seem keen on selling additional services that suddenly catapult my bill from $25 to $100+. So perhaps a little bit of negotiation skills (I like “Never Split the Difference”) in addition to your tips can go a long ways.

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