Hope you missed me, I’m back in America. The last 3 weeks I was in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. And I even made a surprise unplanned trip to Paraguay. In the next 2 days, I plan to have the trip details and photo galleries completed.

Why the rush? Friday I head off on a 10 day trip to the North Island of New Zealand. The Summer of George continues.

New Zealand

Photo by Babotilo.

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WHOA!! New Zealand?!?! How exciting!! Are you doing a group thing again?

Looking forward to pics from both trips!


No group this time. Old school planning with travel books. I’ll comment more on when to use groups when I do the South America overview.


Welcome back! SanDiegoBlog missed you… Did you make to Patagonia?? I spent 6 weeks in Argentina, from BA on south, and over to Bariloche as well. Beautiful country.


Just BA. Perhaps I’ll hit Patagonia sometime in the future.


I’m jealous… how do you afford to travel so much?


How can I afford to travel?

– no kids
– no ex-wives
– no convictions
– no debt
– excellent at managing money/investments


I am always surprised how people thing it is so cost prohibitive to travel… I went to Argentina on a Rotary Group Study Exchange scholarship, and travelled for 2 months in Europe by working 2 jobs for a year so I could save money. Other smaller trips have been financed by not spending money on a lot of things that other people spend a lot of money on– even shopping at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx adds up, it’s just $15 dollars at a time.

Some friends did New Zealand by arranging a house swap. They had a fabulous experience, and no hotel costs.

and MAS, you should meet my sister 🙂


its not the cost… how do you take 3 consecutive weeks off from your job?


3 weeks? Try 4 months.