The Marine Haircut

On a whim I decided to get my haircut exactly like the guy beside me at the barbershop. He was a Marine officer and had a high and tight. My hair hasn’t been that short since Army basic training 1987.

Then I noticed something interesting. People started acting more polite to me. Everyone started calling me sir and holding doors open for me. My guess is they thought I was a returning war hero. I’m not going to correct them.

I don’t think Clinton would refer to me as man today.


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4 thoughts on “The Marine Haircut”

  1. Hah that is somewhat funny. It is a little bit annoying at the same time.

    Yeah my never got to your length but it stayed between 5-8in for the last 5 years. I thinkin of basically doin what you did today. Not sure why. Hmm. Guess I am getting tired of the hippy references…??? hah

  2. my hair’s a little longer that yours was in the picture w/clinton, but i have to cut it short. i start work for a private security firm tomorrow and the guy that runs it is a fomer marine. he told me to go to his barber before work and tell him i need a high and tight. I wasn’t sure what that was — so i started googling. i’m bringing your picture with me cause your hair looks a hellov a lot better than most of the high and tight pictures i found. if i didn’t need the j.o.b. so bad i’d never be doing this. every girl i ever met tells me what nice hair i got. oh well guess i’m gonna have to find another way to attract the girls.

  3. I like that too. You may not know that I was in the reserves for 12 years. I’m use to the short haired man

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