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Donating My Hair

You already know that I am a frequent blood donor. Now I can add hair to my donation list. I used the last 3 years as an opportunity to grow my hair long.

Yesterday, I was able to donate … [continue reading]

There Will Be Blood – Home Edition

When I was young I read a profile on Ted Turner. Sure he was a self-made multi-millionaire that founded CNN and owned a baseball team. However, the thing I recall the most about Ted Turner was that despite all his … [continue reading]

The Big Tipper

Went to get my haircut today and the lady that cuts my hair was telling me how she was able to send money to Myanmar because of the big tip from my previous haircut. Before she started telling me about … [continue reading]

The Marine Haircut

On a whim I decided to get my haircut exactly like the guy beside me at the barbershop. He was a Marine officer and had a high and tight. My hair hasn’t been that short since Army basic training [continue reading]