I’ve noticed that people who travel tend to fall into two camps.

  1. People who go to the same places they know and like multiple times.
  2. People who always seek out a new place to visit.

I’m clearly in the second group. As much as I liked Maui or Buenos Aires, I have many more places to visit before I return to places I’ve already visited. The world is too large for reruns. My former neighbors went to a resort in Cabo San Lucas once or twice each and every year. To me that seems boring. To them it was a hassle free get away they didn’t have to plan or even think about.

The next distinction travelers have on vacation is the level of activity they plan to have. Those same neighbors preferred to be toes up on a raft in the resort swimming pool. Sipping a drink with an umbrella or reading a book is the most exertion they experience while away from home.

Again that seems boring to me. I sit in front of a computer indoors to earn a paycheck. The idea of having even less movement on vacation doesn’t sound relaxing at all to me. I suppose if I worked in a coal mine all day, sitting by the pool might be pretty nice. For me I’d rather charge up a mountain.