Just got word that our old pet cat RainMan died. I think he was either 15 or 16 years old. After a few days of being lethargic, he passed away last night. Rainman was the best pet I’ve ever had. He actually came when you called him and could even hand-shake. In January 2007, he went back to Jamul because he was an outdoor cat at heart. Then last fall, Rainman survived the San Diego fires living off the land until the mandatory evacuation was lifted.


Rainman was the cat I taught how to hand-shake.

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So sorry 🙁

I remember the posts and pics of RainMan when I first started reading your ‘blog in ’01. He was a cutie.


Sounds like a great cat. Condolences.


I’m sorry to hear that MAS. I had another friend that lost a cat this week as well.

I hope you are doing o.k.