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RainMan RIP

Just got word that our old pet cat RainMan died. I think he was either 15 or 16 years old. After a few days of being lethargic, he passed away last night. Rainman was the best pet I’ve ever had. … [continue reading]

Rainman Survives the San Diego Fires!

Rainman was lost close to the Harris Fire during the fire evacuations on Monday. We just got the good news that when our friend returned to her house, Rainman was there waiting for her.

rainman-pose[continue reading]

Kato (1999-2006)

Just after 1 AM early this morning, our cat Kato died.

A few months ago, she started losing a lot of weight and showed other signs of health problems. On 1/22/06, our vet Dr. H said she had a hyperthyroidism … [continue reading]