This is a follow-up to my post The Cuban Family from last May. In that post, I was recalling a conversation I had years ago with a wealthy American girl with Cuban roots. She believed that one day her family would return to the island and claim what Fidel Castro took from them many years ago.

Having no knowledge of the Cuban exile situation, I asked her what she thought the people of Cuba that didnt escape would do when her family returned for their assets. She looked confused and said that they would be happy to be reunited with their relatives that went to Florida. I clarified my question and asked her how these Cubans would feel to see the land and business that they kept running since 1959 handed back over to a wealthy American family.

She seemed to think it wouldnt be a problem. I recall not agreeing with her.

This week I’m reading a book on brain chemistry called Satisfaction by Dr. Gregory Berns. Early in the book, the author attended a medical conference in Cuba. When the author asked a very similar question to mine, here is how a native Cuban responded.

Cubans are a proud people. Just because things are bad doesn’t mean we want your way of life. And those who left for America will not find a very welcome place when they try to return.

My hunch was accurate.