Seattle Coffee Works – Downtown Seattle

When making the Seattle Whole Bean Espresso Prices list, I learned that Seattle Coffee Works was offering a full pound for $12.95 + a free drink. I had to take advantage of that offer, so last Friday I walked downtown to pick up some beans. Seattle Coffee Works is at 111 Pike Street. For a tourist point of reference: if you are watching the guys throw fish at Pike Place Fish Market, turn around and head East for 190 feet.

Look for the sign of the coffee drinker.


Seattle Coffee Works – 111 Pike Street, Seattle

For my free drink, I requested a French Press. Then I got a treat. Sebastian offered me a vacuum brewed mug of Sulawesi. How many coffee places do you that serve vacuum brewed coffee? Even in Seattle, this is rare. The coffee was outstanding. Vacuum brewed coffee is as rich as french press but as clean as a drip.

This past week I’ve been making espresso at home with the Space Blend. Bold with fruity notes. It is very impressive and will become part of my high rotation this summer.


Space Blend – Roasted by Seattle Coffee Works

Vacuum Pot Brewing – INeedCoffee article and photos by Ryan Jacobs.

Seattle Coffee Works Expanding – Details on the upcoming expansion of Seattle Coffee Works. (AUG 2020: post removed)

Pike Place Fish Market – Don’t just watch, buy a fish!

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  1. My brother, who lives in Seattle bought me a bag of coffee from there for Christmas. It was by far one of the best coffees that I’ve had. I can’t wait to Christmas to taste it again, so I’m going to have to order some online soon.

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