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21 Reasons I Love Cold Brew Coffee

This morning I put together a post for my coffee site on reasons I love cold brew coffee. Just before I published it, I was reminded that I had already written pretty much that same post a few years earlier. … [continue reading]

Coffee and Health – Question the Hype

Here on this blog I talk a lot about health and on my other (more popular) blog INeedCoffee, I publish content related to coffee. One might think that I would be a big cheerleader on the health benefits of … [continue reading]

My Top 11 Coffee Roasters in the SF Bay Area

I was interviewed last month as a coffee expert for an article listing the best coffee roasters in the San Francisco Bay Area. That article just went live.

The Definitive Top 11 Bay Area Coffee Roasters, According to Experts

This … [continue reading]

Coffee Levels Coming Down

Last week I posted on my current issues with coffee in the post Hello Darkness My Old Friend.

…my relationship with coffee right now is troubled.

Coffee is now making me feel both good and awful at the same

[continue reading]

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I should be in Seattle this weekend attending the SCAA, which is the biggest coffee event of the year. It is like Comic-Con for coffee. Last year I attended three days and had a ridiculous amount of espresso. Some of … [continue reading]

My Guide to San Francisco Espresso (2015)

I know I said I can’t stand doing coffee shop reviews, but I dislike leaving a project unfinished even more.

On July 1st, I began a quest to explore as much of the San Francisco Bay Area coffee scene as … [continue reading]