Leaving Queen Anne

I love my Seattle neighborhood of Queen Anne, but it is time to move soon. I’ve been given an opportunity to rent the bottom floor of a brand new house near Northgate. My living expenses will be half what I’m paying in Queen Anne. How long can I last in the suburbs? We will see.

Besides reduced living expenses the biggest upside to moving will be the larger brand new kitchen. I will not miss my little kitchen. I will miss Queen Anne though.


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4 thoughts on “Leaving Queen Anne”

  1. LOL. I have my doubts as well. 6 months might end up being a very good guess. Since I am subletting, I am not on a lease, so I am not locked if I determine that I made a foolish error. 🙂

  2. Queen Anne or Northgate….either way you’re in a better place than me…I am really starting to hate Redmond…. The not being stuck in a lease thing must be nice too…

  3. Major downgrade. Ouch. Seems unnecessary with all the great rentals available all over the place. At least you’re closer to a Chipotle.

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