The Best Kind of Glitter is Free Glitter

Today I wrapped up a two-week free trial gym membership in a downtown Seattle gym. This gym has some great equipment, but I’ve never seen a place that does a worse job racking the weights. Weights are thrown on the floor. Small plates on top of large plates. Someone will get injured tripping over something in that gym.

In addition to the progress I made on the bench press, I set a new personal record on the one-arm dumbbell row. I’ve been stuck at 105 pounds for over a year because my Queen Anne Glitter Gym only has dumbbells up to 105 pounds. The downtown Glitter Gym has dumbbells that go up to 120 pounds. Today I did 3 solid reps at 120 for each arm. Yeah, Buddy!

Where will I go next? It looks like Ballard. I got a flyer offering me a 2 week pass to a Glitter Gym there. I wonder how long I can keep this game going.


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  1. MAS, congrats on the new records! I’ve been working out with dumbbells myself a lot lately. I may have to go buy a big weight just for bent-rows which I also like to do but need much more weight.

    What kind of weight do you use for curls? Do you do any dumbbell squats?

  2. I don’t do many curls, as chin-ups are the best bicep exercise. But, when I do I use both dumbbells and the EZ-Curl bar. I prefer standing and avoid lifting slowly. Lowering the weight slowly is OK, but I like training for more explosive strength on the actual lift.

    I like dumbbell squats, but confess to getting most of my leg strength from hiking. Even though they are uncomfortable at first, I think the front squat is the safest and best choice for taller people. The downside is you must reduce your weight for good form.

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