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  1. i’m guessing April of ’78.

  2. According to the Wikipedia, the Garfield comic was created in June 1978. So it had to be after 1978. There are more clues in the photo. 🙂

  3. I’ll say May of 1981. Rose is wearing a Phillies uniform which makes it post-1979. The calendar looks to say May on it. And the Dodgers played the Yankees in the world series that year and the Dodgers are in first place on your standings chart!

    Are those the little helmet cups we used to get slurpees in from 7-11?


  4. Dhammy nailed it!

    1- The calendar shows May and the 31st is on a Sunday.
    2- Pete Rose in a Phillies uniform.
    3- Correct baseball standings for the first week in May 1981. I confirmed that by reviewing the data on Baseball Reference for the Expos.

    Well played. The baseball hats are from Dairy Queen.

  5. That’s a snazzy suit. What happened to your sense of style? =p

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