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  1. That’s cool! I had no idea you could eat those things or that you would want to. Your reference page says they are high in a lot of great vitamins.

    How do they taste?

  2. Like a cross between spinach and seaweed. Add salt.

  3. Nettles do have stingers, so it is pretty labor intensive to pick, clean and blanch. It won’t be a diet staple, but something to have a few times a year.

  4. Oh, I’ve been stung by the damn things many times. So, eating them could be construed as some sort of revenge?

  5. Absolutely. When nature rubs you the wrong way, grab your fork. 😉

  6. Has someone been listening to Splendid Table? That was a topic discussed last weekend.

  7. Actually I never heard of the show. I may be the only person in Seattle that doesn’t listen to public radio, but now that I canceled my XM that may change.

  8. As to the nettles….make sure you eat the roots too. That’s where the beneficial plant sterols that help with BPH live. “Phytomedicine 2007 Aug; 14 (7-8) 568-79”

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