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The Potato and Cabbage Hack

It has been several years since I did a strict Potato Hack. Despite the nonsense you might read on SlimeMoldTimeMold, there is a proper method to performing a potato hack as spelled out in the book The Potato Hack: [continue reading]

What’s Inside My Pantry and Fridge?

I posted What I Eat and What I Don’t Eat – 2023 Edition six months ago. I plan to add a new edition later this year or next. In the meantime, I thought I’d do a show-and-tell with my pantry. … [continue reading]

Vegans vs Weston Price

There are two nutritional camps I respect who disagree with each other. I see the value in each path and will try to reconcile the differences.

We all know what the vegans represent—no animal products. The vegans that I follow … [continue reading]

Seed Oils vs Saturated Fat – Picking a Side

Watching the battles between the defenders of saturated fat and those defending seed oils has been fun. Recently, Dr. Layne Norton posted a video saying that seed oils were fine and maybe even beneficial to health. Paul Saladino MD responded … [continue reading]

How I Would Tackle Serious Weight Loss

In the comment thread of Keto and Starvation Signals, there was a discussion of how I would approach “serious” weight loss. It was too much for a comment, so I put together this post along with relevant links.


[continue reading]

Keto and Starvation Signals

Last month, I posted Keto and Carnivore Diets Were Always a No For Me. On that list of reasons was “Chronic starvation signals”. I never considered a keto diet because of the unknown risk of being in a chronic … [continue reading]