Parking in Seattle

Imagine you are driving through Seattle one morning. The skies are gray and there is a light rain. Up ahead you think you see a parking spot. There is a car coming up behind you.

You glance over to see if it is OK to park there. This is the sign you see. 😡

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8 thoughts on “Parking in Seattle”

  1. @Drew – Nice find! I lived in the DC area from 1998-2000. I don’t think I found a parking spot the entire time I lived there. I just kept driving around the beltway. 😉

  2. Is this sign around a university district? based on the dates it seems like a football parking sign.

  3. @thomas – You may be right. This was a photo I took last year and just located. I thought it was Capitol Hill, but your logic makes more sense.

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