Beat the Reaper

I rarely read fiction, so take this review with a grain of salt.

Beat the Reaper: A Novel
Beat the Reaper: A Novel is by Josh Bazell. About two weeks ago I decided I needed a break from all the non-fiction books I’ve been reading. After a little research, I found Beat the Reaper was available at my local library. So I went down to the library and picked it up. As I made my way up to the check out, a librarian saw the book in my hand. She called out to me and said I was going to love that book. She then proceeded to tell me that everyone at that works at that branch has read and enjoyed Beat the Reaper. What an endorsement!

I did love this book. It was a super fast paced action story that connects organized crime and medicine. One reviewer calls it House meets The Sopranos. I don’t think I can improve upon that analogy. That pretty much sums it up. Excellent book.

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