Morning at the Ballard Locks

I’m back in Seattle and I’ve got a list of many things I need to do. However, I ended up going on a 7 mile urban hike when I saw the sky color this morning.




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  1. Excellent photos!

  2. Welcome back, Michael! What a beautiful photos! Will see you at Stomptown coffee tasting on the 18th 😉

  3. What gear do you take on these hikes? Specifically, the shoes? Anything special?

  4. Thanks all.

    @Stuart – I take no more gear than a camera and/or cellphone. I wear flat shoes, currently ONITSUKA TIGER BY ASICS. Today my only intention leaving the house was to get a single photo of the sky. Then I just proceeded to keeping on hiking. So a 10 minute journey turned into 2 hours. All done on zero calories.

    Here is a close approximation of the hike.

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