Urban Hike Seattle – Snowstorm 2012 Edition

A good snowstorm doesn’t happen in Seattle every year, so I took advantage of the day and went for an urban hike. Three years ago, I did a 16 mile hike through the snow. Today I did 20 miles. My hike took me through Ballard, Phinney Ridge, Wallingford, University, Montlake, Madison Valley, Capitol Hill, Downtown, Belltown, Queen Anne and Fremont. I saw lots of kids and many adults having fun in the snow. It was another great day in Seattle.


Today’s urban hike was 19.978 miles.

family sled

Sledding Family on Phinney Ridge

Interlaken Blvd

Interlaken Blvd on Capitol Hill

Snowmobile in Madison Park

Snowmobile in Madison Park


Snowboarder coming down the Queen Anne Counterbalance

Queen Anne Ave

More fun coming down Queen Anne Ave.

family of bears

A family of bears spotted in front of the Fremont Brown Bear Car Wash 😉

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  1. MAS,

    I live in the NorthEast and I have no snow in front of my house at this time. It looks like you’re having all the fun. We’ve had unusually warm weather.

    We did have a freak snow storm at the end of Oct. 2011 which devastated the state for many days. A lot of power outages because of the extra weight on tree limbs that still had leaves. I was lucky because I did not lose power. We’re expecting an inch or two of snow on Friday.

    The truth is I am happy with this lack of snow because it makes getting to work difficult.

  2. That’s my mom on the snowmobile! haha Today was awesome for snowmobiling.

  3. btw it’s Miss Toni on the snowmobile, for any of her students reading this 🙂

  4. Wow, you really did it as you said yesterday!!!
    20 miles on the snow roads! I am sure your shoulder and neck muscles need stretched out 🙂

  5. very cool and adventurous. i am curious if you plan something like this out or just bundle up and go where your boots take you. do you map it? do you stop for food/drink? do you bring headphones? do you visit friends? 20 miles is a long walk.

  6. No headphone, no food. I stopped briefly at 2 coffee shops for an espresso. My path was mostly random. What started out as a moderate hike turned into a monster hike.

    I’m only slightly sore today. Actually I sprained by right ankle Sunday night, but hiked on it anyway. I couldn’t pass up this snow opportunity. It might 3 or more years before it comes again.

  7. how long did it take? without the headphones, betcha soaked in the surroundings and got a lot of thinking done.

  8. @Chuck – I left home at 9:15 AM and got back just before 5 PM. I did get an idea for a blog post about the hike, which will be out later today.

  9. I have only been in Seattle once…in the mid ’70’s I believe,
    and in January. It is such a beautiful area. I was there for 2 weeks active duty for the Navy and was stationed on a ship somewhere in Seattle

  10. At the local park near where I live (Arlington, Tx)I sometimes
    walk and throw in an occasional sprint of around 200 yards and
    have gone as long as 2 hours, doing this regiment. I find that my body feels different afterwards….different than just pure running…very stimulated. You have given me the inspiration to
    start some longer Urban hikes. I love walking but it takes such a long time.

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