Seattle Photos Mashed With a Thomas Kinkade Painting

Five years ago I was playing with mashing up photos and classic art using Photoshop. These days I use the free Paint.NET for my image work. Well, it turns out with a third party plugin you can do the same mash up in Paint.NET.

For this post I used four photos I took in Seattle and mashed them with the colors from a Kinkade painting.

Seattle Sculpture Park

Seattle Sculpture Park Kinkade

Seattle Pier

Seattle Pier Kinkade

Seattle Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle Kinkade

Betty Bowen Viewpoint

Betty Bowen Viewpoint Kinkade


To perform this trick in Paint.NET download the Pyrochild Plugins. I donated the requested $5 and immediately put the Color Match to work.


Select Adjustments > Color Match…


For my first attempt, I loaded a Roy Lichtenstein. Yikes!


For attempt two, I used a painting by Thomas Kinkade. Much better!


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  1. Nice photos. Theres an app for that! If you had coded that some years earlier you would be drowning in dollars. BTW Kincade the artist was one of the greatest rip-off artists ever! and a terrible artist to boot!

  2. Hi Michael:

    Stunning image transformation. Very different from filters. My favorite is the Seattle Pier.

    Thanks for link to that Thomas Kinkade gallery. I loved looking at his paintings. Didn’t know he did Vegas, Indy500 and some of the others I saw.

    Can Paint.Net be used by anyone? Haven’t visited yet to see. Don’t want to waste my time if it isn’t something that a novice could use.

  3. @Sandi – Paint.NET is free for anyone, provided you are running Windows.

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