Who’s Your Daddy?

I saved this story for Father’s Day even though it happened a few months ago. The only background you need to know is that I don’t have any children. One day I was at the Fred Meyers grocery store checking out. Most of my order was already scanned and I was swiping my card into the payment system. There was nobody else behind me in line when the next customer pulled their cart into my lane.

The next customer was a frazzled mom with two children. The boy was probably 3 or 4 years old and the girl was maybe a year younger. What caught my eye immediately was how much these two kids looked like me and my younger sister when we were their age. The boy was full of energy and the girl appeared to be very tired. She was fighting to stay awake, but not for long.

MAS and sister

Me and my sister as kids.

As the cashier handed me my receipt, the boy stopped talking and wiggling. I looked over at him and now he was making direct eye contact with me. He had a look on his face like he knew me, but couldn’t place my name. He smiled at me. Then in a moment I’ll never forget, he pointed at me and began chanting “Daddy, Daddy”. This woke up his sister. She joined him and starting yelling “Daddy”. Other customers were now turning their attention toward our aisle. I stuffed the receipt in my bag and before mom could control the situation, I grabbed my groceries and escaped the store.


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  1. Sweet story. Though the answer you could have given was likely “No, I don’t think so.” 🙂

  2. @Joe – Always leave your audience wanting more. 😉

  3. What a weird wonderful story! How did you feel afterwards?!

  4. @Pauline – Well as their 15 second father, I was appalled at what their mother was feeding them. Bread, cereal, low-fat dairy and fruit juice. I really need to spend more time with them. 🙂

  5. Was the mother cute? Maybe this was your date with destiny…

  6. @Glenn – Sadly the mother appeared to be eating the same crap she was feeding her kids.

  7. You should have told the kid that you were his “real” father and then left.

  8. @thomas – next time. 😉

  9. haha, this story is awesome. i would have felt appalled at their dietary choices too… poor kids!

  10. Have not read your blog for a while, MAS (FB impact :)).. anyway, this one was pretty funny! You probably do look like their dad and were staring at them so he probably picked up on it. You could adopt them and make them your living experiment in nutrition adjustment? 🙂

  11. @TigerAl – It probably isn’t a wise idea to go around adopting strange children at Fred Meyers. 😉

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