An Asian Alternative to Slow Cooked Pork

A month ago I outlined all the food restrictions involved in a low histamine diet. One of the no-no foods is vinegar, which is a sneaky food ingredient. I was just getting ready to load up the slow cooker with pork and BBQ sauce, when I realized that vinegar was in the sauce. I didn’t want to go to the store, so I improvised. After going through every bottle in my kitchen, I discovered my oyster sauce had no vinegar in it. My dish would be Asian style.

I’m not going to post this in recipe format, because it was a version one that I’m sure could be improved upon. Basically, I lined the bottom of the crock pot with onions. Added the pork shoulder. Then I made a paste of the¬†following:

  • diced ginger
  • diced garlic
  • oyster sauce
  • some chili powder
  • Chinese 5 Spice Powder

I added that to the pork and mixed it up. Then I added some chicken stock and cooked it for 4 hours, with the first hour on high and the remainder on low. I served the dish on rice. It was excellent.

For an improvised version one, I’m quite proud of myself. And I was able to avoid vinegar and stay low histamine.


Asian style cook slowed pork


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  1. mmmm, we make something similar to this. it’s easy and very yummy.

  2. Sounds delicious. I’ll have to try this the next time I go for the crockpot.

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