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A foodie friend of mine recently asked me a great question. What would you want for your last meal? I’ve thought about this for a while and I decided that if I died immediately after the meal, I would choose a Minnesota style pizza, a few bottles of Saison Dupont and a pint of Haagen Dazs 5 coffee ice cream.

Even though I’ve never been to Minnesota, my hometown of Columbus, Ohio had Donatos Pizza, which I now understand is considered Minnesota style. I learned that fact from Zayda Buddy, which is Minnesota style pizza place in my Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. The pizza is a thin crust with a focus on the toppings. It is cut in squares. Unlike the gross California style pizza, the crust keeps its composure when you bite into it. This also means it can hold more toppings. Sorry New York and Chicago, I prefer a crispier pizza. As for toppings, I’d probably get everything. It’s all good.

Photo by tony 

The reason I picked this for my last meal is that once all that gluten and alcohol hit my system, I will wish that I were dead. 🙂 How about you? What would you pick for your last meal?


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  1. On second thought, I’d like to swap out the Haagen Daz 5 for Molly Moon’s salted Caramel ice cream.

  2. Vagina. I might as well come back full circle.

  3. I know it would include rib roast, cooked the way I make it b/c it’s the best I’ve had. Probably paired with some loaded potato skins…or maybe twice-baked potatoes. I’d have a white Russian (or two) to drink. Dessert would be chocolate-and-peanut-butter brownies still warm and with vanilla ice cream on the side. mmmm….

  4. OK not the point of the question, but more important to me is who I would share my last meal with. For me, that means having my last meal with my kids. As for the food? Probably a true French baguette and a couple of glasses of red wine (just for Dad, of course)

  5. Michael: I like your choices. As it so happens I have the ingredients at hand to actually make a Saison DuPont clone (it’s next on my list of beer to brew.) I make pretty good pizza dough too. But I have never made ice cream (HD 5 rocks!)

    FYI, there are commercially made corn meal crusts that you can buy for a nice DIY gluten free pizza.

  6. Ummm …
    a bit of Michael’s wonderful gingery kimchee for an appetizer,
    a few lamb ribs (rare) preceded by 2 dozen kumamoto oysters.
    Actually, make it 4 dozen.
    Tea to accompany all this will take some thinking …

  7. Definitely pizza and ice cream sundae!


    You are gross! You don’t need to solicit negative attention in order for people to like you.

  8. most likely a swiss cheese fondue with lots of baguette and red wine!

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