High Satiety Foods – The Results

Last October I posted High Satiety Paleo Friendly Foods? In that post I started a discussion about what foods delivered the most satiety at the fewest calories. The other requirements were easy to prepare and inexpensive. I received lots of comments and since then I have been running my own tests. These are my results. What works for you may be completely different.

#1 Popcorn

Yes, I am aware popcorn is a cereal grain and is thus a no-no for those following a strict Paleo Diet. However, I have found it is by far the food that packs the most satiety. I’m not talking about the prepackaged microwave popcorn which are loaded with unhealthy vegetable oil fats. I’m talking about regular popcorn cooked over the stove using coconut oil. I liked both white and yellow popcorn equally. For a topping I used Cajun seasonings.

Eating popcorn requires a lot of chewing. To eat a bowl of popcorn takes time. A medium sized bowl of popcorn can keep me full for hours. It is also dirt cheap and super easy and quick to make.

Photo by Anna

#2 Soaked Almonds

I covered this in detail on the post Food Reward Test: Almonds vs Almond Butter. When I want something cold also, I will mix frozen berries with the almonds. Very filling. I’m a huge fan of almonds.

#3 Sweet Potatoes

I had mostly positive results with sweet potatoes. I would cube a peeled sweet potato and then steam it. If I craved fat, I’d add butter. If I craved something sweet, I’d add a little brown sugar. Often I’d add some cinnamon. I believe the key is to not over cook the potato. Once it gets too mushy, it loses its satiety power.

That is All

I tried other foods, but these were the only three that approached the satiety levels I got with almond butter or full fat dairy options such as yogurt, cottage cheese or hard cheeses. In the absence of caloric density, I believe seeking out foods that require more chewing will yield the greatest satiety. Those foods also tend to be more expensive and require more time preparing.

What foods have you found provided the greatest satiety that are also inexpensive and easy to prepare?


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  1. Another excellent blog post. I’ve been enjoying your posts a lot lately, keep up the good work!

  2. For me, it would be sweet potato and yam cubes dunked in cold coconut milk 😀

    In Asia, we have a dessert called bubur chacha which is basically that – of course that dessert dish is loaded with sugar (syrup and palm sugar), tapioca starch balls etc…

  3. I agree with the almonds…they keep me full for a long time. I also find avocado with some salt to be very filling.

    Interestingly, since cleaning up my diet I have found that I fill up sooner (on less food) than I used to. I suppose this is because my body’s gotten used to not having to deal with all the fillers. Really the only foods that don’t fill me up are fruit. Fruit somehow makes me even hungrier! 8)

  4. @xtrocious – I love the coconut milk idea.

    @Ali – I hadn’t thought about the role of salt and satiety before. Something else to test!

  5. I have recently been on a homemade popsicle/paletta kick. They’re cold (it’s SO hot where I am), and you can make them with very little or no added sugar which is an acceptable treat in my book. My most recent favorite is avocado pops. They are easily made, tasty, full of healthy fats, and have an amazing satiety factor. After I eat one, I am not hungry for hours. I am anxious to try avocado ice cream. If an avocado popsicle is satisfying, just imagine how much more satisfying avocado ice cream would be!

  6. @Becky – I love the idea of making popsicles! My freezer is full of meat right now though. 🙂

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