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  1. How much of this do you eat a day? I like it, but I will guess I don’t eat as much as you do, probably because I haven’t been brave enough to make my own yet. I know, I know, it’s easy. That’s what I tell everyone about yogurt. Looks yummy!

  2. @Becky – Maybe about a cup or cup and half a day.

  3. If it makes you feel better above possibly going overboard, my brother in law and his family made 46 gallons of sauerkraut this past weekend. I should be a beneficiary of some of that soon.

  4. @Chuck – That is some serious SK.

  5. charles grashow

    Oct 9, 2012 — 6:51 am

    An Integrative Model of Migraine Based on Intestinal Etiology

    What Does Work Long-Term for Migraines: Paleo/Oligo-Antigenic Diet (OAD)

    Some of oxytocin’s target organ sites include the brain, the gut and thymus. All are organs responsible for the enormous function of homeostasis, immunity and controlling inflammation. It is no wonder that the brain cannot function optimally in isolation from the gut, and no wonder at all that all things that promote healing of the gut can improve migraine headache prevention and amelioration.

    The medical literature from the last 30-80 years in fact identifies wheat (78% Grant, Lancet 1979), cow milk (37%), other cereals, cane sugar, yeast, corn, citrus, and eggs as top migraine-inducing factors. Identification and elimination of food antigens is key to healing the gut. Sealing of the damage and microperforations by altering intestinal permeability is secondary and vital. The paleo/ancestral diet and oligo-antigenic diets maybe best with focus on individual susceptibilities and immuno-endocrine optimization. Similar to the results obtained by Frasetto et al in their 10-day paleo experiment for reversal of pre-clinical hypertension in overweight patients, the researcher Grant (Lancet, 1979) in a seminal study looked 60 migraineurs with food antigen immunoreactivity. After only 5-days of an elimination diet (pseudo paleo) she reported ‘When an average of ten common foods were avoided there was a dramatic fall in the number of headaches per month, 85% of patients becoming headache-free. The 25% of patients with hypertension became normotensive.’

    Dealing with circulating antigen-antibody and immune complexes that are formed in the body when food antigens and microbial peptides (cell walls, DNA, cellular contents, junk) interact with immune system may help permanently to achieve and to maintain disease resolution, I believe. Two recently published human RCTs (Aplay et al and Mitchell et al) showed that by eliminating foods linked to high food-antigen related immune globulin IgG titers, an association for statistically significant reductions in migraine headaches occurred at 6 weeks and 4 weeks, respectively. Heal…Seal…Deal…

  6. About a year ago I started having digestive trouble. I’d be in and out of the bathroom all day, and it got to be a real headache. I tried avoiding coffee (I only usually have 1-2 cups a day, and even that was real tough to go without), getting more sleep (helped otherwise but not with this), even chewing my food more, and had no results. Then a few weeks ago I added a modest amount of kimchi to my diet after reading about the benefits of fermented veggies on Chris Kresser’s blog, and the problem was 100% gone in 48 hours. My stomach is now as stoic as an oak tree, I could not believe what a difference it made. I plan to have a jar in my fridge at all times from now on, and will probably take a shot at making my own once I have a little more kitchen space.

  7. @NZT – Good to hear. You don’t need much space. You can start in something as little as a glass quart jar.

  8. I buy 4 liters of kimchi at the Korean food store it’s actually made at the store. It usually lasts me a week or two. I don’t have ideal temperature conditions to ferment kimchi so I like to ferment as long as possible in the fridge.

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