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Kimchi Chips – Super Delicious But Ridiculously Impractical

Sunday morning a friend of mine posted a photo of Kimchi Chips now being sold at Trader Joe’s. Instead of strolling over the one mile to the store to try them out, I pulled out my food dehydrator and proceeded … [continue reading]

Why My Kimchi is Awesome

I’ve now been making kinchi for three years. During that time I have made it different almost every single time. Also during this period, I have shared my kimchi with many people. The feedback has been extremely positive.

One of … [continue reading]

Chive Talking Kimchi

It was just 2 months ago that I posted Kimchi 2.0. It was my “major release” of all the tricks and ingredients that had been working for me since my original kimchi recipe. It is probably too soon for … [continue reading]

Making Some Kimchi

I may have gone overboard this week. I also made some sauerkraut, which is still fermenting.

7 quarts + 2 little jars of Kimchi 2.0[continue reading]

Kimchi 2.0

I’ve been making kimchi on a frequent basis now for almost three years. Each time I make kimchi, I tweak the recipe. I’ll add something new or take something out. Then I’ll increase or reduce theĀ numberĀ of other ingredients. … [continue reading]

Kimchi Stew – Kicking It Korean Style

When I first starting making kimchi I thought I would never make a soup or stew using that prized ingredient. The reasons were it takes a decent amount of effort to make kimchi and that the heat from the soup … [continue reading]