DIY Standing Desk – The $22 IKEA Solution

Back in April, I built my own standing desk using boxes. It was a cheap hack, but it didn’t work for long, because the boxes began to warp after a week. Although I am still not convinced that a standing desk is superior to a sitting one, I was inspired by a link in the most recent Wired magazine. They highlighted a tutorial that explained how to build your own standing desk for just $22 using items found at IKEA.

I followed the instructions and now I have a standing desk. I’m pretty sure this one isn’t going to warp like my box solution. The only piece of information missing from the tutorial was the size of the wood screws. I made a lucky guess and selected #10 x 1-3/4. They fit perfectly. Below is a photo of the desk now. I may lower the keyboard stand.

TUTORIAL: A standing desk for $22


Standing Desk version 2.0


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  1. Why are you not convinced a standing desk is better? Don’t you sit at work all day pushing pixels?

    I work on my feet and still find myself standing most of the time when I’m at home reading and working on my laptop. I do lift it off the milk crates and set it on the table occasionally (so I can sit down), but I just like standing better.

  2. @Aaron – I covered why I’m not convinced it is more healthy in the Ghetto Edition post.

    But, I’m not sure, which is why I am trying this.

  3. I just plunk my laptop on my kitchen counter, and move it around as needed. I was using a built in shelf before (and before that a copy paper box on my bureau), but the light is better in the kitchen.

    My abs are definitely stronger now that I’m standing, without having to do the plank (which I hate), and I stopped getting backaches lying on my back in bed pretty much right away. Recently I started having more energy (for other reasons) and can now go for long walks and stand all day too. When I first started standing I couldn’t manage the whole day, and also when I’d also go for long walks, I started hurting my feet. I didn’t realize just how much of a workout standing is for your feet. (I’d already been doing the long walks but had to scale back when I started standing.)

    Also, I think standing is probably easier/healthier if you’re barefoot (zero heel elevation). And that’s a workout for your feet as well, if they’re not used to having to hold themselves up.

    Personally I prefer standing now because it’s much easier on my hips.

    That’s a nice looking desk.

  4. Thanks for the post! I came across your blog looking for all things standing/adjustable height desks online.
    I use a NextDesk adjustable height desk and I’ve been curious lately what other products are out there that match it. Turns out, so far, I haven’t found anything quite like it. I’ve heard a lot of about the “Ikea standing desk” though– so much so that at first I thought Ikea actually sold a standing desk. While this is a good, less expensive solution, it doesn’t really have the benefits of being adjustable.
    Don’t get me wrong, I stand for most of the day, but sometimes (like right now with a foot injury) I lower it to a seated position (easy- just push a button.)
    I also like that the keyboard is adjustable so I don’t have to crane my neck or rest my wrists on the desk at the same level as my monitor.
    Just thought you might like to know about this option! Check it out on their site if you’d like:


  5. @Natalie – Those desks look nice, but for $1500, I’ll pass.

    Since this post went up, I’ve been using the standing desk portion for a few hours here and there. I’m not sol don it yet, but at least I didn’t commit much money to the project.

  6. I like this. “Sit less” is one of my goals for the year … so this might be the solution!

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