If you sent me an email in the last year and it bounced with a message saying that it was rejected for having a high probability of SPAM, I apologize. It is hard to chase down a problem when I don’t know it is happening. The good news is the problem is now finally solved.

As much as I love and recommend my web host Siteground, they do something very stupid by default on their accounts. They enable a service called SpamExperts at the domain level. SpamExperts isn’t just rejecting email from sketchy accounts, but also from people I correspond with on a regular basis if it reads a link in the email it doesn’t like. One friend sent me an email with a link to a well-respected language learning site that was rejected. Another friend sent me a link to a health article about some recent research that was also rejected.


Photo by Sean MacEntee 

All the email that is sent to me from this domain and the other domains I have is forwarded to GMail. GMail does an admirable job of SPAM filtering. And if they get something wrong, I can always go into the SPAM folder and recover the message. I can also teach GMail what isn’t a SPAM message and create custom filter rules. I can’t do that with SpamExperts, because the message is bounced.

I have referred several readers to Siteground. I stand by that recommendation, but you will need to take the following steps to shut off SpamExperts.

Disable the filtering by going to cPanel РMX Entry Рselect your domain from the dropdown at the top of the page РDisable SpamExperts.

Just be sure to disable SpamExperts, because they are far from experts when it comes to detecting SPAM.

2016 UPDATE: Siteground no longer lets you disable Spam Experts from the cPanel. You now need to open a support ticket to have it disabled. Trust me you want it disabled. SpamExperts is terrible.