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Some Broken Link Housekeeping

This blog and my coffee website both run broken link checkers. Whenever a link breaks, I step in to fix it.

A few months ago, Mark Si$$on decided to remove EVERY SINGLE page from MarksDailyApple. He left a message saying … [continue reading]

Ray Peat Died. Now What?

Recently, nutritional pioneer Ray Peat died at the age of 86. I have several posts on this blog that reference his work. I’m not a strict follower, but I have borrowed some of his ideas.

This post will not be … [continue reading]

Latest Web Projects

Eventually, I’ll get around to putting out some new blogs. In the meantime, here are a few web projects I’ve been tinkering with.

I added PaperCSS to my portal page. I like these style sheet libraries that can take … [continue reading]

My New Portal Page

In my last post, I mentioned my portal site needed to be rewritten because it was an ugly version of my GitPage.

I completed that task yesterday and did a few changes this morning. It went so … [continue reading]

Why am I Still Using WordPress if it is a Bloated Mess?

For years I’ve been saying that WordPress is a bloated mess, but I still use it. Why? Each site is different and I’ll go through the cases where I dumped WordPress, the cases where I kept it, and the … [continue reading]

Blogging Was Always Doomed to Fail

Two years ago, I posted How Google Helped Kill the Indie Web and How It Can Bring It Back. I outlined in 700 words how Google could restore blogging popularity while taking on the social media giants. I hoped … [continue reading]