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Tackling Twitter – How I Cut My Daily Usage

Continuing with my series of becoming less distracted, this post will be about Twitter. To learn how I defeated Facebook and Instagram see these posts:

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Digital Minimalism – Focused and Isolated

After quitting Facebook and uninstalling Instagram, I stumbled onto the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. This book makes the case and gives advice on what I already knew.

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I Started Something 20 Years Ago

Today my coffee website turns 20 years old.

ineedcoffee 20 comic

I don’t know of another active independent coffee blog on the Internet that has lasted as long. There are two in Canada that are older, but neither are active (CoffeeKid … [continue reading]

How I Broke the Instagram Habit Loop

My last post was all about quitting Facebook. Now, I want to cover how I defeated my Instagram addiction. Unlike Facebook, Instagram actually brought me joy. It was everything that was once great about Facebook in photo form.

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How I Quit Facebook (Tips you might use)

Quitting Facebook in 2018 turned out to be easy for me, but I took several steps before I quit to make it much easier. Here is how I quit Facebook.

#1 Define the Reasons You Want to Leave

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Leaving Facebook Was Easy

A little more than two months ago, I quit Facebook. I outlined my reasons in the post Leaving Facebook. I wasn’t sure if I would be successful. I failed to go even 30 days without Facebook back when I … [continue reading]