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Leaving Facebook

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account. I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving. I just did. I always found those people annoying that would make some grand announcement about how they had to quit Facebook, while still on Facebook. More … [continue reading]

más MAS #2 and an Apology

más MAS is a feature I added to the Critical MAS blog with links to things that I’m doing that are outside of this blog. The first edition was back in June.


Reduce Your WordPress Resource Usage With Login [continue reading]

I’m Glad I Didn’t Move this Blog to Medium

In May when I sold the domain that used to house this blog, I considered moving everything over to It would have been a lot of work. I decided against the move.

I got some good comments here plus … [continue reading]

How I Made $35 Last Year By Quitting Google

A year ago this week, Google fired James Dalmore. When I looked deeper into the story, it didn’t sit well with me. It wasn’t the firing that bothered me, it was how Google went to the press later to justify … [continue reading]

más MAS #1

más MAS is a new feature I’m adding to the Critical MAS blog. These will be links to things that I’m doing that are outside of this blog. In this first edition, I will catch up on the first half … [continue reading]

Critical MAS Blog 3.0

A few days ago, I tossed around a few ideas on the state of blogging in 2018 and possibly mixing things up here on Critical MAS. I’ve decided what to do, but before I get into that, I want to … [continue reading]