Donating My Hair

You already know that I am a frequent blood donor. Now I can add hair to my donation list. I used the last 3 years as an opportunity to grow my hair long.

Yesterday, I was able to donate 14+ inches of hair to Wigs For Kids. 😎


Add yours

  1. Very cool MAS. That’s some serious length in 3 years!

  2. hey man. when you gonna start doing reviews of local mj dispensaries or cbd products? no rush tho bro.

  3. @fehstrahafeh – Ha! Not me.

  4. Never wouldve expected this blog was written by a guy with long hair. I don’t know how to feel. How many times have you been hit up for drugs or people assumed you were a raging liberal?

  5. @b – I cycle between military short hair and long hair.

    This is by far the longest my hair has gotten. I wanted the hair to reach 14+ inches for the donation. That is the preferred length for the charity I selected.

    When I visited NYC in 1999, I was walking through a park at dusk. My hair was long then. I could hear a drug dealer saying “Coke” to the people walking by in front of me. When I walked by, he stopped saying “Coke” and said “Pot” and “Weed”.

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