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Update on that 20 Pound Fat Loss Goal

This past February I set the stage for a 20 pound fat loss goal. When I set the goal, several people told me that was too much weight for me to lose. My┬áprimary motivation for dropping 20 pounds was … [continue reading]

Muscular Potential and Reality Part 2 – Hardgainer Edition

In the comments of the post Muscular Potential and Reality, Skyler Tanner mentioned that the Casey Butt book had a second formula for calculating the muscular potential for ectomorphs and hard gainers. Stephan at BioHacks went to work and … [continue reading]

Muscular Potential and Reality

Stephan over at Biohacks.net put together the Maximum Lean Body Mass Calculator (no longer online). The formula used to make the calculation includes wrist and ankle size, which is a wise thing as ectomorphs tend to have smaller wrists … [continue reading]