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4 Year Streak of Avoiding Colds Ends

Long-time readers might recall that the reason this blog ever got interested in fitness and nutrition was because of a nasty cold I got back in 2007. I started reading books on “superfoods” with the goal of using nutrient density … [continue reading]

Temperature and Appetite

I recently read The Book on Heat: The Science of Heat for Weight Loss, Performance and Health by Brad Pilon. It altered a view of mine that I’ve held for decades related to diet and exercise.

My seasonal view was … [continue reading]

Low Intensity, Low Volume Strength Training

I mentioned in an earlier post that I got a hernia in July. Between that time and my surgery on September 20th, I didn’t feel comfortable exercising. Not pain. Just discomfort. Some men are easily able to work around their … [continue reading]

On Pushups

I’ve always disliked pushups. When you are tall and lanky, pushups suck. Although I did some pushups as a kid, my first real introduction to them was in Army basic training from a screaming drill sergeant. Not exactly a positive … [continue reading]

I Got a Hernia

About 3 weeks ago, I felt off, but I didn’t know why. I suspected I may have gotten a hernia, but I had no knowledge of the topic, so I did some online research and visual inspection. I decided I … [continue reading]

What Obesity Paradox?

I’ve been following health and fitness news for many years now. One topic that has always puzzled me is the Obesity Paradox. To get us all up to speed, I asked Poe AI to explain the term.

The obesity paradox

[continue reading]