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A Rogue Way To Run a Brewpub – Issaquah Brewhouse

Last night the Eastside Pub Crawlers made it out to the Issaquah Brewhouse. The Issaquah Brewhouse is owned by Rogue. I’ve been to microbreweries from Maine to Florida to San Diego to Vancouver. This was the ONLY one that I … [continue reading]

Diamond Knot and Budweiser Urinal

Diamond Knot Brewery in Mukilteo, Washington found a good use for an empty Anheuser-Busch keg. They converted it into a urinal. Seems fitting.

bud-urinal[continue reading]

The Espresso Stout

In early 2001, Ryan Jacobs wrote the article Homebrewing: Espresso Stout for INeedCoffee. At the time there were many home brewing recipes that used coffee as an ingredient. However, most placed no attention to the type or quality of the … [continue reading]