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Someone Has Been Messing With My Almond Butter

One of the reasons I go to Costco is to stock up on almond butter. Recently, they replaced the MaraNatha Creamy Almond Butter glass jars with plastic jars. I noticed the ounces were the same, so I assume the product … [continue reading]

If I Were The King of Costco

I love Costco. Unfortunately, so does everyone else. I used to be able to time my visits when it was less crowded. Not anymore. It is always packed. Short of building new stores, here are a few ideas I would … [continue reading]

Monday Afternoon Latte Art

Here is a little afternoon pickup for you.

This drink was made by Urban Coffee Lounge in Kirkland, Washington yesterday. For those of you outside Seattle, Kirkland is the birthplace of Costco, which uses the Kirkland name as a brand.… [continue reading]