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2009 Financial Predictions

Here are my 2009 Financial Predictions. My general thesis is:

  • Cash is King
  • If You’re Long You’re Wrong.

S&P 500 – By the end of 2009 it will hit 633. This estimate is based solely off earnings ($42.26 … [continue reading]

My Counter Party Is Over

Back in March, I wrote one of the most popular posts on this site titled Ultra ETFs and Counterparty Risk. It is a long detailed post where I outlined my concern that if a seismic shock to the financial … [continue reading]

Buying Individual Stocks Doesn’t Math Out For Me

In a post earlier this week TheTailGunner posted his success buying individual stocks since 2004. From The Market has been good to me:

On July 16th, 2004, I opened this account with $11,107.66.

As of some time today, the account

[continue reading]

Is MacroShares Ready For Primetime?

The company MacroShares offers two ETFs where you can bet on the direction of the price of oil. Back in January I posted My Drudge Report Oil Short Investment Tip. Using that information I was able to use the … [continue reading]

Bear Market Investing

I’ve received some emails regarding my recent post Ultra ETFs and Counterparty Risk. People are interested and amazed to learn there are ways to make money as the stock market drops. It used to be that one needed to … [continue reading]

Ultra ETFs and Counterparty Risk

In a few previous posts, I mentioned using leveraged ETFs as an investment tool. If you own any shares of ProShares, ProFunds or Rydex leveraged funds, keep reading. The rest of you are free to go recess early today.

This … [continue reading]