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Planes, Trains and Elephants – My 2009 Asia Trip Overview

Early in my 4 week trip to Asia, I discovered that slow upload speeds would prevent me from posting my travel blogs in a sequential timeline. Now that I have all my posts finished (finally), I can assemble them in … [continue reading]

Elephant Video

This is a video clip of the elephant we saw in Ko Samui, Thailand. This is not the elephant I rode in Chiang Mai.

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Ko Samui, Thailand

After escaping the hell known as Patong Beach, I headed for the quieter beach setting of the island of Ko Samui. Although the vendors were still pushy, it was far less than Patong. If you only have a few … [continue reading]

Playing Tug of War With an Elephant

All those pull-ups didn’t help. My side got crushed in a tug of war match with an elephant in Ko Samui, Thailand. Video below.

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Feeding a Crocodile in Ko Samui, Thailand

For just 50 baht ($1.65), I was able to use a fishing pole to lower a chicken down to a pit of hungry crocodiles.

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