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Moving Up The Leanness Levels

In the post Leanness Defined, I went over the 4 Levels of Leanness defined by Christian Thibaudeau and Chris Shugart. I also added a level. They are:

  • Level 0 – You are mostly lean, but your abs arent quite
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Leanness Defined

I’m the rare individual who¬†believes the obesity rates in America are overstated. We aren’t as fat and unhealthy as the government numbers suggest. They are using the BMI, which in my opinion is a near worthless metric. I’ve … [continue reading]

Fat Loss Metrics For Men

How should guys measure their fat loss progress? There are several methods. Each has its problems, but I think one is a clear winner. Before I proceed, let me state that the overall goal is to lose fat and gain [continue reading]