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Fermentation Flop – Smoked Sauerkraut

They all can’t be winners. After successfully reverse engineering Firefly’s Cortido Sauerkraut on the first try and my amazing Ghost Pepper Sauerkraut invention, I was on a fermentation hot streak. Even my Dill Sauerkraut was pretty good and my green … [continue reading]

Ghost Pepper Sauerkraut

Are you ready for a sauerkraut with some heat? If you fear spicy, you can stop reading now. The Bhut Jolokia chili pepper is also called Ghost Pepper. How hot is it? According to the Wikipedia, it is 401.5 … [continue reading]

Dill and Caraway Sauerkraut

My latest vegetable ferment is a dill and caraway seed sauerkraut. Even though the standard advice is to use fresh dill, I used a spice jar of dill to see what would happen. Dill is known to be anti-microbial. I … [continue reading]